Catering and Events

Catering and Private Events

img_2272Whether you are looking to host a business meeting, celebrate a special occasion, or invite 20 friends to your backyard for a special farm-to-table evening, the chefs at Rest Farmhouse Inspired can work with you to plan the perfect menu.

We do not have a standard catering menu, as our clients typically are looking for something specific and tailored to their event.  Examples include:  French 3-course dinner, Paleo-Friendly buffet, or "Side Dishes Only" for a big cookout.  We also are happy to work to your budget and can propose a menu based on your requested price-per-person.

For parties of 10-25, we can host them in our relaxing bistro using either our seasonal bistro menu or a custom menu, specifically created for your special event!

Stopping in (informal events)

img_3286Feel free to call us to give us a "heads up" that you will be bringing your Mom's Group, Workout Buddies, or Regular Foodie Lunch Group and we can arrange the tables for you.  Having a "meet up" at Rest Farmhouse Inspired can be as simple as making us your end-of-ride destination for your cycling group!

Craft Services/Catering for Your Film Location

The feedback we've received from cast and crew when we cater their film locations has been wonderful. What crew doesn't want to be pampered with deliciously prepared, locally-sourced food and beverages? We understand that film crews need a nimble caterer who cares and we take that very seriously.

Rest Farmhouse Inspired as a Filming Location

Our beautiful sidewalk seating, rustic-chic store, and large commercial kitchen are also sought after by location scouts for filming.  Please contact us to schedule an appointment.