Rest Farmhouse Inspired, is a unique culinary experience offering a Rustic French cafe experience, professional chef services, and a gourmet kitchen supply store for the most discriminating of clients.

IMG_3416Rest Farmhouse Inspired is the realization of a life-long passion for food, family, and fellowship by Co-Owners Kristina Evans and Theresa Rosette.  Drawing on their culinary, business, and creative backgrounds, Rest Farmhouse Inspired uses the highest quality local, fresh, and organic ingredients in their cafe menu and custom chef services, along with a gourmet kitchen store providing unique products to equip you for your own culinary adventures!

Theresa and Kristina are establishing their commercial kitchen to provide a Rustic French cafe and professional chef services for the Crescenta Valley as well as the San Gabriel and San Fernando Valleys.  To provide further inspiration for their customers, Chefs Kristina and Theresa's cafe includes a shop where you'll be able to find gourmet cookware, gifts, and treats.


IMG_3352 copyCo-Owner and Executive Chef, Kristina Evans, has been a personal chef and caterer for more than a decade.  With a degree in Finance from the University of Maryland and studies in Dance and Nutrition, Chef Kristina found early in her career that her true passion is in the culinary arts and hospitality.  As a mother, wife, avid road cyclist, and instructor of both dance and indoor cycling, Kristina understands the importance of a healthy balance in one's life.  Being a chef, being a part of the local community, and serving others are important ways for Kristina to exercise this passion.

When it comes to culinary teaching and entertaining, Kristina draws on extensive experience at both.  She is an accomplished jazz vocalist and has performed around Southern California with both a jazz quintet and a big band.  Her long-standing classes at the Urban Homestead in Pasadena have been highly touted for their wonderful mix of fun and hands-on learning.

Kristina's menu planning results from the strong relationships she has developed with local farmers and food artisans.  Varying with the seasons, her food creations are exciting and original.  She draws heavily on French techniques and food styling.  In addition to spending years honing her skills through European travels and studies, she is the author of a high school-level curriculum on French regional cooking and, while traveling through the French Alps, was able to determine the point at which a person can have "too much cheese."


T HeadshotCo-Owner and Chef Theresa Rosette, is a renaissance woman with a rich culinary history of closely held family recipes that have been passed down for generations from her and her husband's combined Southern Italian (Naples) and "Southern Belle" (Alabama) heritage.  Beyond her culinary skills, Theresa Rosette is one of few chefs on planet Earth to have her hardware designs on the surface of another planet.  Theresa is a successful Aerospace Engineer (yes, Rocket Scientist) who has worked at both NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.  Her work on the Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover Mission is currently exploring Mars' Gale Crater as Curiosity climbs Mt. Sharp.

Theresa left aerospace to follow her culinary passions and the joys of owning her own business.  Don't be surprised to hear her "war stories" from NASA while you're sipping an espresso and enjoying a french dish with house-cured bacon in our cafe.

Rest Farmhouse Inspired provides a perfect venue for Theresa to share her family recipes and the precision of her engineering mind applied to the culinary arts.