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Step in the door and instantly feel at home in our comfortably rustic café in Montrose, CA. Inspired by our travels and love of food and antiques Rest Farmhouse Inspired is the culmination of our life-long passion for food, family, and community. We hope you feel welcomed and nourished here.

We offer the best of seasonal produce from our scratch kitchen wanting the ingredients to shine in our simple yet beautiful dishes. Let the food speak for itself, is our motto.

And did we mention…gluten-free!

Our commitment to you is that we have no standard flour in the kitchen. That means we’re committed to keeping the kitchen as gluten-free as possible. Although, we procure traditional bread for some of our sandwiches we are careful to prevent any cross-contamination in the kitchen. We want you, our customers to feel safe when choose to dine with us. Let us know of your allergies and concerns and we’ll go the extra mile to care for you!

In addition to the café you will also find a small retail/wellness space featuring some of the very items the chefs use in the kitchen.

"We designed it so you can have the same amazing ingredients in your home!"

- Kristina Evans, Executive Chef

Kristina Evans

Co-owner & Executive Chef

Kristina was a personal chef and caterer for more than a decade. With a degree in Finance from the University of Maryland and studies in Dance and Nutrition, Kristina found early in her career that her true passion was in the culinary arts and hospitality. As a mother, wife, and avid road cyclist, Kristina understands the importance of a healthy balance in one's life.

Being a chef, being a part of the local community, and serving others are important ways for Kristina to exercise this passion.
Kristina's menu planning results from the strong relationships she has developed with local farmers and food artisans. Varying with the seasons, her food creations are exciting and original. She draws heavily on French techniques and food styling.

In addition to spending years honing her skills through European travels and studies, she is the author of a high school-level curriculum on French regional cooking.


Theresa Rosette

Co-owner & Pastry Chef

Theresa is a renaissance woman with a rich culinary history of closely held family recipes from her Alabama and Southern Italian roots. She has been sharing her baking talents with friends and family for decades.

Beyond her culinary skills, Theresa is one of few chefs on planet Earth to have her hardware designs on the surface of another planet. Theresa is a successful Aerospace Engineer (yes, Rocket Scientist) who has worked at both NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Her work on the Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover Mission is currently exploring Mars' Gale Crater as Curiosity climbs Mt. Sharp.

Theresa left aerospace to follow her culinary passions and the joys of owning her own business. Rest Farmhouse Inspired provides a perfect venue for Theresa to share her family recipes and the precision of her engineering mind applied to the culinary arts.

The Rest Farmhouse Inspired Family

We believe the greatest factor in the success of a business is the quality of its people. Rest Farmhouse Inspired is born out of friendship, nurtured by teamwork, and embraced by our customers. We are a family. Our team members are at the core of everything we do. We approach our business from a teamwork perspective and encourage learning, curiosity, and fun every step of the way. We are a family-run business with a truly extraordinary staff of passionate and hard-working individuals people who have become part of our Rest family

Anais Dervaes


Anais is a country girl at heart and throwback to another era. She’s an apron-wearing barefootin’ dynamo who never shrinks from a challenge. She’s passionate about food and has always loved to cook and bake. Over the years she has honed her kitchen skills to the point where she can prepare food with maximum efficiency. Feed 40 people? – no problem!
She enjoys gardening and cooking from scratch – developing tasty farm to table soups and dishes from the Rest Farmhouse kitchen.


Shirley Hilton


Shirley moved to the Los Angeles area in 2014 from Chicago where she worked as a Community Engagement Leader with Thrivent Financial. Prior to that she was a Director of Operations at one of the largest churches in the Chicagoland area, Willow Creek Community Church. She is married to Ken Hilton, between them they have five grown children and eleven grandchildren. Two of her passions are ‘getting to know people and good food’ which makes working with the great team at Rest a pleasure.


Audrey Tuna


Audrey is passionate about cooking, health-focused food and nutrition, and enjoys engaging with the Rest family and patrons and sharing her passion for healthy, delicious food and vibrant nutrition. She is studying to be Certified Nutrition Therapy Practitioner and believes that healing and health all start in the kitchen. She loves working at Rest and creating the kind of food she makes in her own kitchen: healthy, alive, and healing.

Outside of work, Audrey loves to be with her friends and family, exploring new foods and cooking techniques, reading interesting new books, and enjoying the hiking trails of Los Angeles.


Jordanne Dervaes

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